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Preschool Visits

Look what Dr. Copley and Michelle do in recognition of Children's Dental Health Month!! They have been visiting local preschools to teach the children how to brush, floss and explain the benefits of healthy eating. Dr. Copley and Michelle have been educating preschoolers for at least 23 years. Now who is having more fun!! … [Read More...]

Meals from the Heartland

The "Copley Crew" took our skills outside the office this week, we went to package food at Meals for the Heartland. It was announced at one point in the evening that we had filled over 23,000 meals. It was a packed house with around 80 volunteers. If anyone is interested in a fun filled evening while helping others in need contact their website for volunteer opportunities.   … [Read More...]

Congratulations Dr. Copley

Happy Anniversary Dr. Copley!! You have been in private practice 26 years this month. Thank you for the amazing work you do for your patients and staff each and every day. We wanted to take this moment to assure you that you are greatly appreciated and highly treasured for all the big and little things you do. It is all those things that makes everyone feel like family when they are here in the office. Congratulations on your success!!!! … [Read More...]

Spotlight Family

We have been coming to Dr. Copley for 20 years.  The staff is always so warm, welcoming, and make the kids feel comfortable.  The hygienists always have smiles on their face, and are so caring & compassionate. Our children love coming and finding their picture on the waiting room wall.  We all look forward to our 6 month appointments.  We have recommended Copley Family Dental to our friends & family. Dr. Copley and his staff are the best in town. The Brown Family … [Read More...]

Spotlight Family

We love everyone at Copley Family Dental.  We have a great experience every time. -The Gordon Family … [Read More...]

Des Moines Family Dental


To Dr. Copley and his wonderful staff:

My family and I have been a patient of yours for over 20 years!

I can never thank you enough for the opportunity to have such a beautiful smile. Your kindness, expertise, skills, and patience can never be repaid. I now have more confidence in myself while in public. I no longer cover my mouth and I do not feel self-conscious when I meet new people. I know that a person’s looks are not what that person is inside, but sometimes others forget to look deeper than personal appearance to see the fiber of that person’s true being. You and your staff realize this and have given not only me, but many hard working people and their families the opportunity to smile big.  Thank you all for your kind and excellent care.

In my opinion the Copley Family Dental group works miracles, they are patient and caring and their work deserves an A++. They made a huge difference in my life. They have changed my whole life and I pray God blesses them, as they have blessed me.

May God always look down upon you and smile big, too. He knows what special people you are, true angels.

Heartfelt thanks,

Susie Douglas


Good afternoon!

I just wanted to pass along my gratitude to the office staff, Hygienists and to Dr. Copley. I’ve been a patient there for about 20 years now, and I am extremely grateful for the expert level of care I’ve received from you all.

 Today, I had to have a filling and I’ve lost count how many I’ve had before this. But one thing I noticed today when I came in, was that I wasn’t all that nervous. I knew what to expect, and I knew I’d be in good hands.

 I also appreciated the extra care I received when I mentioned that I had a sensitive tooth. During my cleaning and then my filling, both Dr. Copley and Kim, the Hygienist who cleaned my teeth, took great care to minimize contact to that area and protect it from too much cold water and air. I really, really appreciated that.

I’m grateful to have the opportunity to bring my little girl Chloe to Dr. Copley, and even after a couple of fillings, she loves you guys. She usually draws pictures on our way to school, and the day after her last appointment, she drew a picture of me, and her, at Dr. Copley’s office. And everyone was smiling. 🙂

 I tell everyone I can about how awesome your office is and I will continue to do so as long as your doors are open. I appreciate everything you’ve all done to make my dentist visits as comfortable and pain-free as possible. -Thanks Again, Jodee


“Dr. Copley is great at his job and his staff is great too. He has been my dentist for years!” – Jason

“A dentist for the whole family. Mine is from 21 – 91!” – Sheryl

“Dr. Copley is the BEST!” – Terri

“Dr. Copley and his staff are the best! I love their attention to detail when it comes to my smile. Best dentist and staff you will ever meet.” – Brenda

“Dr. Copley is awesome and has the best dental hygienists! I’ve been seeing Dr. Copley for years.” – Joe


“If you want a great dental experience then I would highly recommend Copley Family Dental!” – Cheryl

“These folks know how to make your trip to the dentist a pleasant visit. They are so people friendly – never in a rush to empty that chair. They take time to know me and my family members intimately. Thanks Dr. Copley and all of your staff for making me smile.” – Ramona

“What a great place! Love the doctor and his staff!” – Martha

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